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Dr George Simon on the Ray Rice affair

Dr George K Simon Jnr reflected on the Ray Rice affair a few days ago. Simon is a clinical psychologist whose work we often recommend on this blog,  His audio broadcast where he shares his thoughts on the Ray Rice affair can be found here.*  He says that the Ray Rice affair illustrates how society no longer values …

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I just hate feeling like I am back at square one when some of these triggers come

A survivor friend wrote to me recently: Today I got a card from one of my ex’s relatives and she wrote inside it, “Jesus died on the cross for ___ and He loves him too!!” It really triggered me. She left a voice mail on my machine two days ago that said, “I am sorry I have …

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Why Jonathan believed David, despite lack of proof that David was in imminent danger

Valerie’s post yesterday stimulated me to have a deeper look at why Jonathan was such a strong supporter of David when David was in danger from Saul. I’m publishing what I found today (and breaking our norm of ‘No posts on Tuesday’) because it flows directly from yesterday’s post which highlighted how Jonathan fully believed David’s claim that …

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Covenant and contract — are they different things?

Is there a difference between a covenant and a contract? Many Christians think there is. In modern parlance there is difference:  the word ‘covenant’ suggests an emotional relationship, whereas the word ‘contract’ connotes a non-emotional relationship which is entered into solely for material or financial benefits.  For us, contracts are legal documents that are drawn up in precise language to carefully …

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We have modified our most recent post

We have modified the post that was published within the last 24 hours. We changed the title and edited the body text and some of the comments. Please find the updated version here: http://cryingoutforjustice.com/2014/09/01/encouragement-and-insights-for-wives-of-pastors-who-are-abusers/ At the top of the modified post we have put an explanation about why we changed the post.      

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Putting off and putting on — change as it respectively applies to abusers and victims

The Gospel should be pronounced to ‘crushed’ sinners. The Law should be pronounced to ‘secure’ sinners. — C.F.W. Walther, Lutheran theologian. (link) If only that wise principle was understood and practiced by more Christians today! Instead what commonly happens today is that the Law is pronounced to ‘crushed’ sinners such as victims of abuse — victims are hauled …

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