A Cry For Justice

Awakening the Evangelical Church to Domestic Violence and Abuse in its Midst

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Not knowing

Therefore you are inexcusable, O man, whoever you are who judge, for in whatever you judge another you condemn yourself; for you who judge practice the same things.   But we know that the judgment of God is according to truth against those who practice such things. And do you think this, O man, you …

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She told her story of domestic violence in a Christian marriage and this is the response she got

“I’ve probably got through a 10th of the emails I’ve received. I’m triaging them” Reblogged from The Bible Society of Australia, with the author’s permission. Original post here. Thursday 12 March 2015 Last week, Isabella Young (not her real name) wrote a highly personal account of domestic abuse within her now ended Christian marriage for the …

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Family Courts and Systemic Abuse (and a fun song by one of our readers)

The poor kids don’t want to go on visitation at all. I really don’t understand why the courts think that a grown woman who can’t handle the abuse should leave, and the opposing attorney even berates her for not leaving sooner – but tender, defenseless children should be made to spend time with the very abuser …

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Does the victim recognize the abusive patterns? Yes, and no. And then, by degrees, YES!

Does the victim recognize the abusive patterns? Depending what you mean by ‘recognise’ I think that question can be answered no, and yes, and both. Backstory: This post was prompted by something Darby Strickland said when explaining CCEF’s Counseling Abusive Marriages course. She said: “Until both spouses recognize the abusive patterns, counseling can actually perpetuate the problem.” …

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CCEF say that victims of abuse need redemption

Similarly, you should typically expect to find two sinners embroiled with each other, not one irredeemable monster oppressing one innocent victim who needs no redemption. The above sentence is by David Powlison, Paul David Tripp and Edward T Welch, men who are or have been leaders of CCEF — Christian Counseling Education Foundation. It is part of the …

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Academic Survey on Spiritual Abuse; and info wanted of organizations that serve victims of domestic abuse

Blog News: at Spiritual Sounding Board they are inviting people to participate in an academic survey on spiritual abuse help Brenda gather contact details for women’s centres, shelters and ministries that serve victims of domestic abuse, so she can offer these organizations copies of Not Under Bondage.  To inform Brenda about the contact details of shelters, domestic violence services, ministries or …

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