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Awakening the Evangelical Church to Domestic Violence and Abuse in its Midst

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Putting off and putting on — change as it respectively applies to abusers and victims

The Gospel should be pronounced to ‘crushed’ sinners. The Law should be pronounced to ‘secure’ sinners. — C.F.W. Walther, Lutheran theologian. (link) If only that wise principle was understood and practiced by more Christians today! Instead what commonly happens today is that the Law is pronounced to ‘crushed’ sinners such as victims of abuse — victims are hauled …

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Temptations and pitfalls of helping victims (victim-advocacy)

Christians, pastors, leaders, and bloggers sometimes talk about the evils of domestic abuse but use illustrations of abuse that are really extreme. For example: “What if a husband was kicking his wife’s teeth down her throat?” That kind of extreme illustration of domestic abuse may briefly arouse the concern of the average bystander who is inexperienced in domestic abuse, but …

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Request for volunteer(s)

Request for a volunteer or volunteers to take shipment of Barb’s book and deliver it to worthy places in the USA. I have many copies of Not Under Bondage that I got printed back in 2008. They are currently in storage in Melbourne. My father is ailing, and I am being his carer. He offered me some …

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The Bible virtually commands divorce for domestic abuse

While I was wrestling with what Scripture taught about divorce in order to write my book Not Under Bondage [Amazon affiliate link], I came to the view that divorce is permitted for abuse.  And privately, I also ventured to believe that divorce is virtually commanded for abuse. In Not Under Bondage I didn’t articulate my private view that divorce is pretty much commanded …

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Ooops, Barb just published a post that wasn’t completed

I just published a post that should have been saved to drafts. I’ve just unpublished it. My apologies. Stay tuned. It still needs some polishing.

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What do you say when a friend tells you, “You have a victim mentality.”

I would reply to that friend, “What do you mean by a ‘victim mentality’?” Once your friend defines what she means, you can then take it from there. If she means you complain about the injustice with which your abuser has mistreated you, ask her if it is a sin to make such complaint. If she …

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