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Let’s Put This “But he hasn’t physically abused you” Nonsense to Rest Once and For All

Listen to these far too common words from a pastor to an abused wife who has gone to him for help. The abuse has occurred for decades, habitually, without repentance: From what I have been told, you have suggested that your husband’s looking at inappropriate images on the internet is adultery,  but he has not …

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The Bible virtually commands divorce for domestic abuse

While I was wrestling with what Scripture taught about divorce in order to write my book Not Under Bondage [Amazon affiliate link], I came to the view that divorce is permitted for abuse.  And privately, I also ventured to believe that divorce is virtually commanded for abuse. In Not Under Bondage I didn’t articulate my private view that divorce is pretty much commanded …

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Thursday Thought — Cause of Divorce

Gem of the Day… “It is not a writ of divorce that dissolves marriage before God, but bad actions.”  [Cyril of Alexandria, 5th century]

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Stop judging divorced people. Just stop it.

Another guest post by Juliette: For me and my precious many friends going through the very same thing right now: (A Rant About Divorce, Feel Free To Ignore) We might get all kinds of blame and accusation for laying down the fight, walking away….and being done with getting beat down. To divorce feels like receiving …

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Good men: please denounce the Permanence View of Marriage that denies any reason for divorce.

The Permanence View (PV) of marriage is the view that divorce is not allowed for any reason whatsoever and that no matter what happens in a marriage, marriage vows are a commitment for as long as you both shall live. We have critiqued this notion often on this blog, because we believe it is deeply unbiblical …

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Woe to you, celebrity pastors, big-name theologians and wanna be’s

A retelling of Luke 11:37-52. While Jesus was speaking, a celebrity pastor asked him to dine with him, so he went in and reclined at table. The pastor was astonished to find out that Jesus did not have any letters after his name, had not been to seminary, and did not blog, or use twitter, or have a multi-channel website, …

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