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Haven for Broken Wings – a new blog on our blogroll

Informational post: we’ve added a new blog to our Blogroll.

Give Her Wings  has been started by David and Megan Cox (that’s our MeganC). You can read more about them on their About page.

The rest of us at A Cry For Justice wish you well, David and Megan.



  1. MeganC

    Ah! Thank you for the plug! So blessed by this, Barbara!

    Yes — the “about” page is very important to us. It is exciting to begin this project with my hubbie. And, yes, I continue to thrive here on ACFJ and plan to keep on thriving. Love this community dearly.

  2. Barnabasintraining

    Megan your blog looks great!! Is it new?

    • MeganC

      It is. We started it Tuesday night. 🙂

  3. Katy

    All of God’s blessings Meg! 🙂

    • MeganC

      Thank you, sweet Katy! 🙂

  4. Wisdomchaser

    I have bookmarked your new blog Megan. Wish you well on your new marriage and your joint blogging. i’ll be a regular reader.

    • MeganC

      Thank you, Wisdomchaser. 🙂

  5. Carolyn

    I was trying to look at the blog Haven for Broken Wings but it won’t let me. It says that it is a private blog and I have to have been invited and then enter an email address. Has anyone had this happen? Thanks!

    • MeganC

      Carolyn — Thank you so much for your interest. Sadly, what started out as (I thought!) a good idea fizzled out to some degree. My husband and I could not keep up with the blog so I just made it viewable to only us for a time until we can pick back up again. 😦 We wanted it to be a couples’ project but my husband is too busy right now with work. So, I mainly write for ACFJ and the Give Her Wings blog . . . http://www.giveherwings.com. I hope that these other writings can be of an encouragement to you. If there was something specific to “Haven” that you need, please let me know and I will send you a copy. 🙂

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