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Abuse Sermon Series Now Available in PDF on Sermon Audio

We have had numbers of requests for printable copies of the 21-part sermon series on abuse that Jeff Crippen preached in 2010.  Now, along with the mp3 audio format at Sermon Audio, we have added PDF format documents to each sermon there.   Just go to the following link, select the sermon you want, and you will see a PDF icon by it.
Abuse Sermon Series by Jeff Crippen, Christ Reformation Church, on Sermon Audio

From now all, each sermon that Jeff preaches will be available as an audio (mp3 file) and in written format (PDF).
Here is a link to the latest sermon preached at Christ Reformation Church.

You can also find this link at the top menu of this blog.


  1. Katy

    YAY! I have wanted to listen to a lot of your sermons but I have too many kids and not enough “quiet time”! This is great, thank you!

    • Jeff Crippen

      Katy – Be sure to actually select the particular sermon and then you will see the PDF symbol. I don’t think it is there on the main listing of all the sermons. We put PDFs on the first 10 abuse series sermons last night and will be working on more today.

  2. Now Free

    I was intending to ask you for the printed sermons…Thank you!

  3. Lin Shavon

    Do I have to be a member or sign in to be able to get your sermon series on Abuse?

    • Lin, Sermon Audio does asks you to register at their site and agree to receive their weekly email (which you can simply trash without ever reading it if you like; I do). Once registered at Sermon Audio you can download any of Ps Crippen’s sermons for free without anyone at his church knowing you are doing so. And you do not have to subscribe to this blog, A Cry For Justice, in order to get Ps Crippen’s sermons from Sermon Audio.
      Hope that answers your question.

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