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Daily Archives: August 28th, 2014

Leslie Vernick and Chris Moles: “Can Abusers Change? And if so, how?”

UPDATE: we published this post in 2014. Since then we have discerned a lot of problems with the counsel Leslie Vernick and Chris Moles are giving about domestic abuse. Look at our Chris Moles Digest if you want to read our concerns about Chris Moles. Look at our Leslie Vernick tag  if you want to see all our posts …

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Thursday Thought — My abuser is not as bad as others are, so is it really abuse?

Question: My husband is abusive, but he isn’t nearly as bad as what some others have experienced. For example, he has never hit me.  So, would he still be considered an abuser? Answer: All abusers are characterized by certain fundamental attitudes which are the elemental building blocks of what we define as abuse.  Without these, a …

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