A Cry For Justice

Awakening the Evangelical Church to Domestic Violence and Abuse in its Midst

Introducing Justice Keepers Publishing

We are excited to introduce you to:

Justice Keepers Publishing (JKP),
the publishing arm of A Cry For Justice  

JKP is an independent publisher with the goal of exposing abuse of all kinds in the Christian environment and helping those who have been abused. We have added a new tab called Justice Keepers Publishing — Our Publishing Arm on the top menu bar which will tell you about the books that are currently published through JKP; their descriptions, reviews, and purchasing information.

If you are looking at the top menu from a smart phone, you will find that it is very long because it shows all the sub-menus too. We are going to be putting the ‘tags’ sub-menu into a different place, so that smart-phone viewers don’t have to scroll through such a long list to get to the JKP tab, but we haven’t had time to do that yet.



If you’ve never commented on this blog before it is important to read our New Users’ Info page because it gives tips for how to guard your safety while commenting on the blog. And if you’re new to this blog we encourage you look at our FAQs.  The New Users Info page and the FAQs can also be found on the top menu bar.


  1. Marie Notcheva

    Well, once this fiasco is all over (see today’s Wartbug Watch), I very much hope to get a manuscript proposal to you! Have a blessed and productive day, all. 🙂

    • I have read the post at the WartburgWatch. I added a link to it in Marie’s comment, before publishing her comment.

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