A Cry For Justice

Awakening the Evangelical Church to Domestic Violence and Abuse in its Midst

Coercive Control: a recommended three part series

We recommend this three part post series about Coercive Control at domesticshelters.org, with the following caveat:

We do not agree with the last sentence of Part 2 which says:

Abusive and controlling men are so dependent on their intimate partners, they often believe they will die without them.

Like Dr George Simon Jr, we think the core of abusive and controlling men’s mentality is not dependency, but an overblow sense of entitlement and malignant narcissism. When abusive men portray themselves as ‘dependent on their intimate partners,’ this is just one of their tactics of manipulation and emotional blackmail — the ‘poor me’ act designed to make us feel sorry for the abusive man and make allowances for him.

We are not necessarily endorsing all the material on the material at domesticshelters.org — but we have noticed a few other items on that site which we think would help our readers and we have added these items to our Resources. Here they are:

Can abusers change? 

The Deaf Endure Domestic Violence More Than Hearing

Will it happen again? 

3 Myths about survivors of domestic violence


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