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Awakening the Evangelical Church to Domestic Violence and Abuse in its Midst

Child Safety Training — by Ps Jimmy Hinton, the son of a pedophile pastor

Of people sitting in pews, 40% have been or are currently being sexually abused. Learn from the son of a pedophile how to stop them in their tracks. One is too many — 40% is unacceptable. Know their techniques!

Pastor Jimmy Hinton’s life was turned upside down when a victim disclosed to him that she had been sexually abused by the former pastor – Jimmy’s father.  Jimmy and his mother reported his father to the police. Jimmy’s father is currently serving a 30-60 year prison sentence for sex crimes against children. Since then Jimmy has worked tirelessly to understand the mind and motives of pedophiles so that we can better protect children from them. His website is jimmyhinton.org

Jimmy presented this Child Safety Training in January 2018 at Westside Church of Christ, Bakersfield, California.

Jimmy Hinton’s Child Safety Training – playlist on YouTube

Links to the individual sessions: 

  1. Understanding predators (Part 1)
  2. Understanding predators (Part 2)
  3. Understanding ourselves
  4. From zero to texting
  5. Understanding survivors of sexual abuse
  6. Q & A
  7. Sunday Session Recap 1
  8. Sunday Session Recap 2

The Statistics

I asked Jimmy where he got that 40% figure from. Here is his answer — 

My opinion is that 40% is actually a conservative number.  If we just take raw data, we’re sitting at about 40%.  I’ll share that data below then explain why I think those numbers are actually higher in churches. 

Diana Russel did an in-depth study of 930 women in San Francisco and found that 28% of all of the women reported some kind of sexual exploitation before the age of 14.  The number of women sexually abused in her survey jumped to 38% if we include those in the 14-17 year old range. (Diana Russel, “The Incidence and Prevalence of Intrafamilial and Extrafamilial Sexual Abuse of Female Children” (1983) 7 Child Abuse and Neglect 137-46. 

Ronald and Juliette Goldman did a study in Australia with 1,000 college students and found that 28% of the women in the survey reported at least one sexually abusive experience before the age of 16. (Ronald and Juliette Goldman, “The Prevalence and Nature of Child Sexual Abuse in Australia”, (1988) 9 Australian Journal of Sex Marriage and the Family 94.

A study in Britain found that 24% of women and 9% of men experienced sexual abuse as a child. SJ Creighton and N Russell, Voices From Childhood: A Survey of Childhood Experiences and Attitudes Toward Child Rearing Among Adults in the United Kingdom (National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children, 1995), interviews with 1032 adults.

In a large study by phone interview in the US, researchers found that 27% of the women in their survey had experienced sexual abuse by the age of 18. (D Finkelhor, G Hotaling, I Lewis and C Smith, “Sexual Abuse in a National Survey of Adult Men and Women: Prevalence, Characteristics and Risk Factors” (1990) 14 Child Abuse and Neglect 19-28).

Estimates for male survivors is between 1 in 7 and 1 in 10.  David Finkelhor’s survey in the US and the Goldmans’ in Australia both found that 9% of men were sexually abused as boys, with a large number of those who were abused by a male adolescent who was at least 5 years older than the victim. (David Finkelhor, Sexually Victimized Children (New York: Free Press 1979).   (R and J Goldman, referenced above).

A study in Britain found that 8% of men surveyed were sexually abused as boys. (AW Baker and SP Duncan, “Child Sexual Abuse: A Study of the Prevalence in Great Britain” (1985) 9 Child Abuse and Neglect 457-67.  

Some surveys reveal that as many as 16% of men admit to being sexually abused as children. (Finkelhor, Hotaling, Lewis, and Smith).  

Dr. Anna Salter quotes a study by Gene Abel to say that, of a sample of 232 child molesters, they admitted to 38,000 incidents and reported more than 17,000 total victims.  Abel analyzed another sample of 561 offenders (to include all kinds of sex offenses–exhibitionism, voyeurism, adult rape, and child molestation) to find that they admitted to 291,000 sexual offenses and more than 195,000 victims.  Salter says, “It is difficult to appreciate just how large a number 195,000 is, but consider that the Louisiana Superdome, site of five Super Bowls, has a maximum seating capacity of 72,675.  If all the victims of those 561 men wanted to meet, they would have filled two and one-half Superdomes.”  (Anna Salter, Predators: Pedophiles, Rapists,  Other Sex Offenders Who They Are, How They Operate, And How We Can Protect Ourselves and Our Children (New York: Basic Books 2003), 11).  

In Abel’s study of 4,000 admitted child molesters, 93% of them self-identify as religious. (Gene Abel and Nora Harlow, The Stop Child Molestation Book: What Ordinary People Can Do in Their Everyday Lives to Save Three Million Children (Printed in US 2001), 38-39).  

Of all of these studies, roughly 30% of females have been sexually abused as a minor by an adult and anywhere from 9-16% of males.  But these studies are not current and don’t take into consideration the explosion of social media, personal electronic devices, and the various types of private communication and file sharing that has become the gateway to exploit more children at a far faster pace. 

I believe current studies will reveal that these numbers represented have only increased as we have given far more avenues to groom and exploit children.  We are seeing this increase in the US with the number of school teachers being arrested for sexual encounters with minor students.  Here is a study of the dramatic increase in Texas of teachers being arrested for sex crimes against students. Improper teacher-student relationship cases soar. There was a 36% increase in just one year, from 2016 to 2017. And these are only the ones who are getting caught! 

93% of child molesters identify as religious, so there is a higher concentration of predators in our churches.  This, combined with the naivety of many church leaders and the seeker-friendly movement which urges everyone to come “as you are”, has made the church a breeding ground for sexual exploitation of children.  Furthermore, many survivors are coming to church because they are seeking answers, hope, and healing.  When I have done training at churches over the past 6 years, I have never witnessed a church without survivors and at least one known child sexual offender who has been part of each church.  There is always a significant percentage of my audiences who reveal to me that they are childhood sexual abuse survivors.  

One pastor friend told me that approximately 90% of his congregation of over 150 mostly college-age members has revealed that they were sexually abused as children. 


Helpful websites 

Jimmy Hinton’s website
Twitter: @jimmyhinton12

Jimmy Hinton interviewed by Mary DeMuth   Note: this interview was done in 2016 when Jimmy was part of Church Protect. He left that organization in 2017 and at the time Jimmy was leaving we decided to no longer recommend or endorse Church Protect.

Finding A Healing Place  – Clara Hinton’s website where Jimmy Hinton’s mother shares her experience of being married to a pedophile.
Twitter: @clarahinton 

Speaking Out On Sexual Abuse (SOOSA) –Jimmy & Clara Hinton’s weekly podcast. You can subscribe to this podcast from either Jimmy’s or Clara’s websites.

A Solitary Journey
Brenda Elysium shares her experience of being married to a pedophile

Spiritual Sounding Board has a category called Wives or (ex) of Pedophiles

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  1. Un-Tangled

    Jimmy’s ministry focuses on child sexual abuse and he estimates that at least 40% of people in church have been sexually abused. I often wonder what the percentages would be if the figures included ALL forms of abuse, including emotional abuse. I used to think that the churches were safe places, filled with godly people. I no longer believe this.

  2. LL

    I just watched one of the segments on YouTube and indeed, Hinton seems to know his stuff. And it’s from a guy, too, which isn’t an insult but rather my just saying that it’s rare to hear from men who get it, who seem to understand what the victimized, raped, abused, humiliated woman feels. Ps. Crippen, Ps. Powell, and now Ps. Hinton.

    I also like how he talks about parents needing to teach children that it’s not okay for anyone to have physical contact with them if they don’t want it, even Grandma’s innocent hug should be TOTALLY voluntary, to say NO, that not all adults are to be respected/obeyed, authority can be questioned, no adult should be berating a child and if that does happen, tell the parents and they’ll stand up for the child.

    And since we know that pedophiles and psychephiles operate in the same ways, these predator YouTube videos can be used by all, kids or no kids.

  3. LL

    Since Barb introduced us to Hennessey and did a wonderful series on his works, I’ve been watching the YouTube videos even though there are no children in the picture because predators and predators. I don’t see much difference between a pedophile and a stranger rapist and a wife-beater.

    What Hinton talks about rings true. My abuser is very, very smart and his dialogue was rarely heard as he didn’t want to give anyone any information, especially not me, his victim but he considered it all to be a game, was enthralled with magic, con artistry, criminals, etc. and considered other people to be but “suckers”. And operated towards others in baiting ways, “hook, line, and sinker”. If his preferred victim was children, instead of adults, he’d have been a prolific pedophile but kids don’t seem to appeal to him as he likes a challenge.

    People want to believe in the good of others and this is especially true within conservative circles and Christians. Well worth the watch, along with Anna Salter’s videos on YouTube, which show one young pedophile being interviewed and the video clip is referenced in Hinton’s presentation and they talk an excellent game. Most abusers target ‘safe’ victims who are somehow most likely not to report, or about whom society does not care (if they are poor, have substance abuse problems, have mental illness, are disabled, persons of color, or with a criminal record, etc.) as they know they can victimize with relative impunity. Kids are targeted, too, because they can easily be silenced, scared, controlled, discredited, intimidated, etc.

    • Can you please tell us the link to that video by Anna Salter?

      If his preferred victim was children, instead of adults, he’d have been a prolific pedophile but kids don’t seem to appeal to him as he likes a challenge.

      That fits with what Don Hennessy said about how the psychephile (the man who abuses his intimate female partner) is MORE skilled than a pedophile.

      my abuser was enthralled with magic, con artistry, criminals, etc. and considered other people to be but “suckers”.

      That fits with what Jimmy says about how pedophiles use the same tricks as stage magicians (but they do it with malignant intent to abuse their targets, rather than to entertain an audience).

      It also reminds me of Deborah’s post My own private Dexter: insights into the psychopath.

      most abusers target ‘safe’ victims who are somehow most likely not to report

      That fits with what Don Hennessy says about how psychephiles target women who are kind. A kind woman is less likely to report her abusive husband’s bad behavior, because she is kind and she doesn’t want to ‘hurt’ him.

      • LL

        Listening to Sex Offenders – Part One by Anna Saltar — old video but there’s 5 or so to the series and the predators you see are ones she also writes about in her book, “Predators, Sex Offenders….” it’s a longer title.

        So I watched the Hinton series of videos with interest not because there are children in my life but because I just see how it is all a blending…. predators are predators, whether it is a pedophile or a rapist or a wife-beater and having been eaten alive by a psychopath (or 2 or 3), I’m just barely holding on.

        Hinton mentioned survivors still cutting, and mentions one woman sleeps in her tennis shoes and she is in her 40s. I wonder how many of us are really struggling and barely holding on. With one or two exceptions, I wasn’t preyed upon as a kid, but my gosh did the predators make up for lost time in my adult years. Like I married satan himself.

        Prevention and/or early intervention is so crucial for victims of abuse, rape, beatings, etc. because once you are at the escalated end stages, even if he doesn’t shoot you dead, you’re still a walking dead person. You’re done.

      • LL

        Anna Salter video:

        Sex, Lies, and Sex Offenders – Part 1 – Protect your children from dangerous people!
        The first man she talks to was a youth pastor.

      • LL

        A Psychopathic Sex Offender – An interview with a real psychopath – Disturbing!

        In this video, Anna Salter speaks to the guy who groomed his stepdaughter to become his sexual slave….assuming you read the book and I am recalling it correctly. It’s the one where he started shaping her personality, etc. from 1 years of age in anticipation of having a perfect teenage girl sex slave.

      • Innoscent

        TWBC, it looks like the first link LL mentions is invalid. [Part 1]

      • Thanks for letting us know, Innoscent. I think I have now fixed the link. Let me know if there is still a problem. 🙂

      • Innoscent

        Thanks Barb for that, the link is working now.
        I have watched part 1 to 3 of Jimmy’s training and jotting down many key points! I want to gain as much discernment as I can in order not to be fooled ever again by these demonic people.
        Many thanks for pointing us to this excellent training series! Thank be to God for such ministries.

  4. Song of Joy

    Since I had the day to myself, I spent the afternoon watching the first six of eight segments in their entirety.

    This Jimmy Hinton teaching series is outstanding, and I think everyone should try and watch as many segments as they can. I commend the Westside Church of Christ in Bakersfield, CA for hosting and recording the series and making it available to the public.

    Pastor Hinton has a refreshing and very compassionate viewpoint for victims of pedophile abusers. He emphasizes that evil resides in the heart of the abuser, and that they are persistent, possessive, and (I don’t recall him using this exact word yet describes them as) persuasive. In the second segment he discusses 20 identifiable patterns of behavior to watch out for, rather than simplistic “red flags”. Later in the series, he makes it clear that churches should be supportive of victims, not requiring them to forgive their abusers. He also makes it clear that pedophiles do not change, and that churches are foolish (not his word, but it sums it up for me) to accept supposedly “repentant” pedophiles into their midst and to assume that the church can successfully contain the pedophile while he is part of the congregation.

    So much info! It really got me to thinking. Please watch this series, it’s a critical topic that the church at large wants to avoid, ignore or turn its eyes away from and walk away from on the other side of the road.

  5. W

    The way I understood it, the porn-filled 17 year old guys are going after and relentlessly pursuing the 20-something year old teachers, not the other way around as you said in a prior comment. The average 10 year old boy has seen porn and many have regular porn-viewing habits from that point on. Gail Hines does a tremendous job with her work to educate the public of the harms of porn and our porn-infused society. Almost all men are porn users and viewing porn changes the way you think about, regard, and treat women. When anyone says that media images, etc. are mere fantasy and don’t get played out in real life, their senseless message need not be heeded. Not true. Porn tells lies about women. Porn furthers rape myths. Porn rewires and shapes the brains of the users and porn is basically filmed rape.

    It was disappointing to watch Pastor Hinton, in his church presentation, talk about 50 Shades of Grey. 50 shades of grey is not a mere romance novel. Every pastor alive should condemn that book and movie series.

    Also, as long as I am talking about porn, every single serial killer/serial rapist is a porn user. Every single one. Many of them act out specific porn on their victims and some leave their victims’ corpses styled in very porn-specific ways.

    I am assuming that most Christian women have little to no idea what porn looks like, how violent it is, and how sickeningly evil the crap is. But we are to be wise as serpents, ladies, and porn is all about harming, abusing, beating, degrading, and raping women and girls. Gail Hines’ book(s) likely give examples and illustrations and I most certainly wouldn’t want to give any porn website the traffic in clicks, but 50 Shades of Gray, porn culture, rape culture, it needs to be understood for the true evil and threat it truly is.

    Pastor Powell talks about medical doctors seeing men in their 20s who can’t have a physical relationships because of the effects of porn.Those 20 year old males who can’t get it up are NOT victims. The reason why they cannot is because a willing, consenting, loving partner who isn’t being raped, beaten, degraded, humiliated, crying, vomiting, gagging [or worse]… isn’t titillating enough for them to get and sustain an erection. It isn’t considered sexy and exciting enough to be around their girlfriends or wives. What excites and arouses the average 20 year old is truly revolting content …

    • I invited Jimmy to respond to this comment. He’s having techno problems so could’t reply here himself but he sent me his response by email.

      Jimmy’s response:

      You said, “It was disappointing to watch Pastor Hinton, in his church presentation, talk about 50 Shades of Grey. 50 shades of grey is not a mere romance novel. Every pastor alive should condemn that book and movie series.” Am I missing something here? I don’t remember referring to it as a “mere romance novel” or speaking favorably of 50 Shades. I agree with you on the effects of pornography. There is absolutely nothing good that comes from pornography. My point with 50 Shades is that it is being consumed by A LOT of women and this is making them more vulnerable. When they begin to romanticize rape and make it “sexy,” they are playing right into the hands of the men who are consuming pornography.

  6. MarkQ

    I watched 5 and the Q/A, and now I think I need to watch the rest. Really really good.

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