A Cry For Justice

Awakening the Evangelical Church to Domestic Violence and Abuse in its Midst

How can I help spread the word?

Spread the word by social media

We welcome people linking to our blog, our Facebook page, our Pinterest boards and Barbara Roberts’ YouTube Channel.   We are also happy for people to re-post our posts, but please show common courtesy by not distorting the meaning of a post if you are only quoting parts from it.

Ask libraries to stock our books

An easy way to help survivors of domestic abuse is to submit a request to your local library or domestic abuse resource center, that they stock some of the books on our Resources page. Of course, that would include the books we have written ourselves, but not just ours. Go to our Resources to find our Recommended Books List.

Write reviews on Amazon

Writing reviews of our books on Amazon and other web retailers. You can also up-vote as ‘helpful’ other people’s reviews if you think they are good. Book sales are not about the money for us, so much as the fact that the word is getting out and victims are being set free from erroneous beliefs.

Add reviews on Amazon US for  —  Not Under Bondage    A Cry For Justice    Unholy Charade.
Note: Reviews submitted to Amazon USA are not automatically transferred to Amazon’s other sites. So if you want your review to appear on Amazon UK and Amazon Canada you as the author of the review will have to submit it to those other Amazon sites as well.

Help equip pastors and elders

We have put together a special page to equip pastors and elders to respond to domestic abuse. You may like to pass it on to pastors and elders (or even Christian counselors).  The page is titled As a pastor, what are the most important things for me to know about domestic abuse?

Jeff Crippen’s Open Letter to Pastors is designed for you to share with any pastor.
We also have a PDF version of the letter if you want to print it out and share it that way.

Distribute our flyers and business cards

We have flyers and business cards which provide information and contact details about the ACFJ website. We encourage you print as many as you like to share them with domestic violence shelters, counselors, coalitions, churches, and other domestic violence resource agencies.

You can leave cards and flyers in public phone boxes, ladies washrooms in churches, pin them on notice boards, and give them to people who you think might use them. But be mindful that if you are giving a card to a victim, it might be a good idea for her to put it in her shoe or someplace where her abuser is not likely to find it.


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Business Cards

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