A Cry For Justice

Awakening the Evangelical Church to Domestic Violence and Abuse in its Midst

Domestic Violence Agencies and Websites Around the World

Abuse and Relationships

The purpose of this site is to reduce harm and lessen suffering by bringing clarity to the confusing area of intimate partner violence.  CAVEAT:  the author of this site, Michael Samsel, regards trauma bonding as a credible idea, recommends Patrick Carnes’ book The Betrayal Bond, and some of his articles take for granted that trauma bonding happens.  We believe that the concept of trauma bonding needs to be discarded — see The Myth of “Stockholm Syndrome” and other labels which are used to discredit and pathologize victims of abuse.

Australian Hotline

 Counseling helpline, information and support for family violence and sexual assault — for victims, family & friends, workers & professionals

Canadian Domestic Violence resources

National and Provincial services across Canada

The Duluth Model  —   Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs

The town of Duluth, Minnesota, has developed innovative community-wide interventions to end violence against women and help men who batter change. These interventions are known as the pioneering “Duluth Model” and have been recognized nationally and internationally as the leading tool for helping communities eliminate violence in the lives of women and children.
The Power and Control Wheelsthey developed are widely used around the world.

Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence (FCADV)

FCADV serves as the professional association for Florida’s 42 domestic violence centers.  They operate Florida’s toll-free DV hotline (1-800-500-1119), and provide safety plans, other resources, counseling information, and professional training.

Hot Peach Pages: International Directory of Domestic Violence Agencies

Global list of abuse hotlines, shelters, refuges, crisis centers and women’s organizations, plus domestic violence information in over 110 languages

International Directory of Domestic Violence Agencies

Information in more than 80 languages

Lutheran Church Missouri Synod

Domestic Abuse Project resources by Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS) are available online.  Resources include materials for victims, pastors, and a four page theological position paper.

National Domestic Violence Hotline (U.S.A)

Operating around the clock, seven days a week, confidential and free of cost, the National Domestic Violence Hotline provides lifesaving tools and immediate support to enable victims to find safety and live lives free of abuse.  1-800-799-SAFE (7233)

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
USA Faith-Based Agencies working on Domestic Abuse

This data base at the RAVE website can be searched by state.

Women’s Aid

Peak agency for domestic violence agencies in the UK

WomensLaw.org — a project of the National Network to end Domestic Violence (NNEDV)

WomensLaw is an extensive website launched to provide legal information and resources for survivors of domestic violence.  They also provide a confidential Email Hotline to offer direct support to survivors, their advocates, friends and family members.  Additional they offer safety tips, information on recognizing abuse, and legal information by each USA state.  See the tabs at the top of the website to familiarize yourself with all their resources.

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