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Awakening the Evangelical Church to Domestic Violence and Abuse in its Midst

Sexual Abuse

This page is in two sections:
1. Sexual abuse in adult relationships.
2. Pedophilia and child molestation.

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Sexual abuse in adult to adult relationships

Abuse in the Church
A four-part course on DVD, which is available for purchase, will equip both counselors and church leaders to help Christian organizations prepare and implement procedures to prevent child and adult abuse and to take appropriate action when faced with allegations. The two speakers of the course are Philip G. Monroe, PsyD and Basyle Tchividjian, JD.

Aphrodite Wounded
This link is currently broken. The last post on the Aphrodite Wounded Facebook page, dating January, 2017, notes infrequent posting due to the death of her husband in November (2016). We are assuming the Aphrodite Wounded (.org) website no longer exists.

A website offering support to survivors of intimate partner sexual violence, educational resources for professionals, and information for supporters.

The Christian Patriarchy Movement’s Dark Secret of Wife Spanking  
Julie Anne Smith, who runs the blog Spiritual Sounding Board, exposes and critiques the practices of ‘Domestic Discipline’ so called, which can be a way for abusers to pressure their victims into accepting S&M practices in the bedroom as well as making them submit to physical assault and violence.

Do Men need Sex?  Wants vs. needs and the making of weak men
by Dr. Phil Monroe, Christian Psychologist and biblical counselor.

1 Corinthians 7:14 Whose body is trump?
Phil Monroe, Christian Psychologist and biblical counselor, refutes the argument that according to 1 Corinthians 7:14, women must submit to their husband’s sexual requests.

Louise McOrmond-Plummer
This website is for professionals who encounter women who have experienced the crime of intimate partner sexual violence.  It contains knowledge useful for doctors, counsellors, police, social workers, domestic violence advocates, sexual assault works, and others.

Marital Rape:  Is it Even a Possibility in Christian Marriage?
This post at Spiritual Sounding Board exposes and rebuts the wicked thinking of a man who claims that martial rape cannot happen in a Christian marriage because the wife gave permanent consent to sexual intercourse with her husband when she took her marriage vows.

Protection Orders: Do they work? Who violates them the most?
A review of research regarding civil court orders of protective.  Protection Orders are a key resource now available in every state in the US as a potential legal response to domestic violence. While available in all states, the types of protections offered, legal requirements, and procedures vary from state-to-state.  (This review is by the University of Kentucky in the USA, so it’s findings will be more applicable to the USA than other countries.)

S.A.R.A (Sexual Assault Report Anonymously – Report from anywhere in Australia)
A website set up by Victoria’s Centre for Sexual Assault allows women to anonymously report cases of sexual assault and misconduct.  The data you provide to SAWA will be passed on to Police all over Australia with any information that identifies you removed.  This will help the police to identify trends and make communities safer.

This is How Victim-Blaming Logic Would Play out in Everyday Scenarios
3 one-minute videos that each feature an ordinary setting in which one character uses victim-blaming behavior to excuse their problematic actions, similar to the victim-blaming actions in cases of sexual assault and domestic abuse.

Trauma, Sexual Assault and Eating Disorders
from NEDA (National Eating Disorders Association), an article that discussions the correlation between sexual assault and trauma to eating disorders.

Understanding & Breaking Free From Relationship Violence 
an interview transcript with Lundy Bancroft from Pandora’s Project website, a site that supports survivors of rape and sexual abuse.

Note:  As Christians, we do not affirm a woman’s ‘right’ to abort an unwanted pregnancy. As part of the interview, Lundy discusses how abusers take away a woman’s reproductive rights. He mentions that a woman has the right to terminate a pregnancy. It is unsurprising that a non-Christian like Lundy would take a secular position on abortion. At least he mentions that in a situation of unwanted pregnancy, termination “is often not a desired or ethically acceptable choice for the woman.”

by Victoria Police, Australia, is a series of of six podcasts produced by Victoria Police (Australia). It offers a rare glimpse into the real life cases and the people behind them.  Over six episodes, you’ll hear from investigators, experts, victim-survivors, bringing their stories out from the shadows and into the light reality.

What about sexual abuse in marriage?
ACFJ FAQ page with a list of related posts

Pedophilia and Child Molestation

These links may be helpful to women who find they are or have been married to pedophiles. They may also be of help to those who are dealing with child molestation.

A Solitary Journey 
Brenda Elysium shares her story of being married for over three decades to a man who had a secret identity – that of a pedophile. She shares some of the details of her life in order to help others who are isolated by the secrecy inherent in living with an individual with a sexual compulsion or addition.

Jessica Fisher
Powerful story from eldest daughter of The Willis Clan. “As far back as I can remember, I was sexually abused by my father…”

Spiritual Sounding Board has the following items

Finding A Healing Place – Clara Hinton
Clara Hinton shares her life journey of being married to a pedophile. Clara was for decades married to John Wayne Hinton while he was a pastor and at the same time he was sexually abusing children without Clara’s knowledge. 

G.R.A.C.E. (Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment)
A website whose mission is to empower the Christian community through education and training to recognize and respond to the sin of child abuse.

Jimmy Hinton
Jimmy Hinton is a child protection advocate, a pastor, a husband and a father.  In 2011, Jimmy’s  life was turned upside down when a victim disclosed to him that she had been sexually abused by the former pastor – Jimmy’s father.  Jimmy and his mother Clara reported his father to the police. John Hinton is currently serving a 30-60 year prison sentence for sex crimes against children and won’t be eligible for parole for 30 years.

Since then Jimmy has worked tirelessly to understand the mind and motives of pedophiles so that we can better protect children from them.  His site is dedicated to his musing on abuse, God, and the journey of healing for survivors.

Jimmy Hinton’s podcast on radio show “Restory” with Mary DeMuth
A 50 minute interview where Jimmy tells his story of how he found out about his father and the circumstances leading up to his father’s arrest.  In addition Jimmy talks about how most christians don’t understand what the Bible says about evil. He talks about sin leveling, the role of the pastor and church leadership and how their role is to protect the sheep and they are to report, not investigate, criminal matters.

We have a Jimmy Hinton tag which contains all the posts we have written about Jimmy’s work.

Jimmy and Clara Hinton PODCASTS: The Speaking Out on Sex Abuse Podcast 

A peer support forum for ‘affected partners’ – people who are affected by and concerned about the child abuse material viewed by their partner, husband or family members.

PartnerSPEAK Research Report
In 2015 PartnerSPEAK partnered with Dr Marg Liddell and Professor S. Caroline Taylor, AM to do research exploring the experiences of and impact on the non-offending partners of people involved with child exploitation material.  This published research is the first of its kind worldwide.

Rosie Batty’s discovery of ex-partner’s child porn charges
Rosie Batty, former Australian of the Year and Domestic Violence campaigner, talks of the trauma she experienced when she discovered her ex-partner had been charged with accessing online child abuse material at a library.  His child pornography charges are a lesser-known part of Batty’s tragic and well-publicized story.

For any who suffer from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse. Founded by David Pittman who is a child sexual abuse survivor. Boz Tchividjian’s  interview with David Pittman.

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