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Introducing our new FAQ Section

What about divorce? What about remarriage? What about reconciliation? We are frequently asked these and other questions.  So, to make it easier for readers to find topic-related posts for our most frequently asked questions, we have added a new FAQ section to the blog.  It can be found on the top menu bar. In addition to the current …

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Introducing Justice Keepers Publishing

We are excited to introduce you to: Justice Keepers Publishing (JKP), the publishing arm of A Cry For Justice   JKP is an independent publisher with the goal of exposing abuse of all kinds in the Christian environment and helping those who have been abused. We have added a new tab called Justice Keepers Publishing — Our Publishing …

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Domestic Abuse Survey by Prevent Partner Abuse — Invitation to participate

We have been contacted by Lisa Smith of Prevent Partner Abuser organization inviting us to participate in a survey.  Here is what what she says about the survey: We are conducting this nationwide survey to help us understand how to spot an abusive personality before the abuse begins.  Your results will help us create preventative …

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Blog News: Gift Books offer — Additional news

In an earlier post we announced a gift book offer to cash-strapped victims.  In addition to cash-strapped victims we want to make this offer available to victims living in this scenario: If your only credit card account is one that you and your abuser jointly share, you would be understandably hesitant to purchase books with that card. So this …

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Thursday Thought — Blog Housekeeping

We are going to deviate from the usual Thursday Thought and talk blog.  As many of you know A Cry For Justice blog is in its fourth year and for most of that time we have had the policy that each comment is moderated before it is approved.  Wordpress keeps a count of how many approved …

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Thursday Thought — Pious Platitudes and their Paraphrases; a new page

While a platitude can be meaningless and annoying, it is rarely dangerous. But not so with pious platitudes. . . The above is from our new page located on our Insights tab found on the top menu bar. The page is called Pious Platitudes and their Paraphrases.  We thought it would be helpful to collect …

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