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Position, Position, Position — Why the Habitual Liar Lies

using the example of Ben Ferguson’s interview with #AndySavage #churchtoo #silenceisnotspiritual A political candidate was confronted by reporters regarding something she had said during a speech. She denied saying it. So the reporters showed her the tape. She watched the tape and watched herself say it. She then looked back to the reporters and they …

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Thursday Thought — Judge Actions, Not Intentions

Never try to “mind-read” or second-guess why somebody is doing something, especially when they’re doing something hurtful.  There’s no way for you to really know, and in the end, it’s irrelevant.  Getting caught up in what might be going on in an aggressor’s mind is a good way to get sidetracked from the really pertinent …

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Thursday Thought — He’s just insecure.

We often hear statements like this about abusers:  “Well, you know, he grew up in an abusive environment” or “He is insecure, so you just need to love him more and be patient.”  These statements and similar statements can come from friends, family members, church leaders, victims, authors, and even professional counselors.  The beliefs behind such …

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Projection — A misused and misapplied term

Abusers falsely accuse their victims. And often an abuser falsely accuses their victim of the very sins that the abuser is most habitually indulging in.  It is very important to know this, because many folk mistakenly think that abusers engage in projection. The mistake is easy to make because ‘projection’ is a psychological term that is much misused; even many mental health professionals misuse …

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Thursday Thought — “Moving On After An Abusive Relationship”

  The principles of effectively moving on after a toxic relationship are actually quite simple, but not easy. Folks have to remember to focus all their time and energy on things over which they have power, most especially, their own choices and actions. Ruminating about the past, trying to get others to understand, worrying about …

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How Did We End Up Here? — a new book by George Simon Jr

  How Did We End Up Here? — Surviving and Thriving in a Character-Disordered World* This is a new book by Dr George Simon Jr, PhD. His colleague M. Kathryn Armistead Ph.D is a contributor.  It’s available in paperback. The link above takes you to where you can buy it on Amazon, but no doubt you can …

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