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A Study in Narcissism

This is an important training exercise. It is a study in narcissism. Please watch the following link and then comment to inform us which one of the characters (hint: it is one of the middle two) is the narcissist. [Ignore any ads or other trailers  that YouTube throws in – who knows where they might …

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A male survivor’s story — by Friend in Need from Europe

Many many years ago. My father in law started to think and say that there was an angry mob out there who wanted to chase his family, abduct or poison them. As he used to be a physician his children, including my wife, eventually started to believe him. He was well in his 60s, so …

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Treating his bi-polar didn’t fix his abusiveness – a story from a survivor

When my husband and I got married I was 20 and in love. I knew he was bi-polar and I knew it ran in his family but I loved him and I believe we could work through anything. Looking back over the past seven years I am now trying to de-tangle what was the mental …

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Coping as a Spouse of Someone With An Emotional Disorder

Because an emotional disorder was a major component of why my marriage was so painful and multiple people have brought this up recently, I thought it might be helpful for me to share some of the things I learned. I was very blessed to live near one of the best institutions in the country, and …

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New story by a woman whose partner had Autism Spectrum Disorder

A new reader, Nojustice Justus, has written an excellent account of her marriage to a man who suffered from Autism Spectrum Disorder. You can read her story here. This post is just to let you all know about her story, but please do not comment here: go to the link and read her story and …

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The Duluth Model and programs for abusers

What is “the Duluth model?”  How effective are batterers’ programs?  These and many other questions are canvassed in this New York Times article When Men Hit Women by Jan Hoffman, 1992. Although this article was written twenty years ago, it’s very worth reading. Non-sensationalist, it covers a lot of ground, has accounts from both abusers …

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