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The male domestic abuser is a ‘psychephile’ – a sexual offender (Don Hennessy series part 4)

We all know that pedophiles target children for sexualized abuse. Don Hennessy coined the word psychephile for the man who abuses his intimate female partner. A psychephile targets the psyche of the woman he has selected as his target for a long term intimate relationship. Hennessy used the word psychephile in order to emphasise that …

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How the male intimate abuser selects, sets-up & grooms a target woman (Don Hennessy series part 3)

The man who is abusing his long-term female partner has honed the skills required to select a target woman and then set her up, target her and groom her, in order to be able to offend against her with impunity and then re-groom her… so he can re-offend against her. That is what Don Hennessy …

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Coercive Control: a recommended three part series

We recommend this three part post series about Coercive Control at domesticshelters.org, with the following caveat: We do not agree with the last sentence of Part 2 which says: Abusive and controlling men are so dependent on their intimate partners, they often believe they will die without them. Like Dr George Simon Jr, we think …

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How Can We be so Clueless About Evil?

The following was written by our reader Kind of Anonymous and is excellent. I am realizing just how prevalent this is. And wondering why. How could we have gotten so far away into a far country that, speaking of the badly corrupted church, we have barely a recollection of what our Father’s country is like, …

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Michelle Lindsey – Stop it! Put down your Pen and Stop Enabling Abusers and Hurting Victims

WARNING!  This is about as triggering of an article as anything I have read for a while. It got me riled and inside shouting “shut up! Just shut up!” This is not mere misguided, well-intentioned error. Oh no. This is arrogant ignorance if not out and out evil. It comes from a blog one of …

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Wise as Serpents: The Consistent Motive of Evil is to Enslave (Part 13 of sermon series)

I wanted to mention an observation related to last week’s message on evil’s inevitable path to Rome, in which we examined the letters to the seven churches of Asia in chapters 2-3 of Revelation. You will remember that just two of the seven churches received full commendation from Christ, Smyrna and Philadelphia. We also noticed …

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