Important Information about ACFJ

If you were directed here searching for A Cry for Justice blog, it is no longer here.

I (Jeff Crippen) am no longer affiliated in any manner with that blog, having resigned from it in 2017.

I welcome you to visit my new blog at and also  I am the author of the book A Cry for Justice as well as the original owner and founder of the A Cry for Justice (ACFJ) blog, where I wrote over 750 articles.  Our mission at Unholy Charade, named after my second book Unholy Charade: Unmasking the Domestic Abuser in the Church, is the same as that which I started ACFJ for way back in 2012 when my first book was published – to expose domestic abusers hiding in churches and to provide support and validation to abuse victims.  

If you are a victim of abuse, or even just wondering if you are, then is an excellent resource for you. If you don’t have a church home at this time you are welcome to watch my weekly Sunday morning sermons at . And you are also welcome to email me at  I am always glad to hear your stories and help you clear away the confusing fog that abusers cast on their targets.

Pastor Jeff Crippen